Bikini party

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Head down to your local beach to visit the most outrageous and unforgettable characters of Bikini Party: The Beach Party. This five-reel volleyball game is located on the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, featuring an ultra-sandy white sandy beach with incredibly vivid blue waves. When you arrive, grab your volleyball, load up your gear and head down to the sand – where you’ll find the party’s central location: The Bath Resort Casino, where you’ll find plenty of neon lights, live music, and lots of great food!

Bikini Party: The Beach Party starts when the girls step off the bus in a sunny California sky. They’re in for the time of their lives as they set sail into the warm ocean – where they’re pursued by a huge battleship! The girls must escape from this sinking ship as well as collecting gold pieces along the way using the Beach Party gaming machine. As you can tell from that description, this game has a ton of action and will keep you coming back for more once you reach its ending. The game progresses by gaining points by scoring points while wearing different bikinis (which disappears when it gets destroyed).

For additional entertainment, there are also two slots machines that offer bikini party memorabilia such as posters, one of which pays off “bikini party points” when you fill it with money! There are also Respin boards that add a fun new spin to the game as you try to earn points by taking a dip in the Respins’ water. And don’t forget to stop by the Beach Party Saloon, where you’ll find free spins on all kinds of beverages. Finally, the Beach Party Craze will definitely keep you coming back for more in its exciting multi-player bikini party!