Electric sam

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After explaining about the Electric Sam free spins the girls decide that they want to try out Sam’s Electric Vehicle. They give Sam a bracelet with a symbol on it. When Sam wears the bracelet he starts wearing symbols and his bracelet starts attracting symbols. The girls decide that now is the time to start betting strategies. They tell Sam that he needs to build the perfect strategy to attract all of the symbols he is seeing.

In order to attract all of the symbols they give Sam a set of three freebies. When Sam wins one of these he gets a free spin with that specific symbol. So far no one has managed to win a jackpot using this strategy. The strategy seems to be working and soon enough the girls will tell Sam that they have a free electric Sam slot machine right outside. They will also tell him to put all of his money into the machine.

Once Sam gets inside the video slot the first thing he does is to notice that there are actually electric sam symbols on the screen. A few more videos roll by and they tell Sam to stop. At that point Sam goes outside and finds that a wild animal has been plaguing the slots. He quickly ends the game and tells the girls that he got rid of all of the winning electric sam symbols. The girls tell Sam that he just needs to put more coins into the machines.

At the end of the movie Sam, still wearing his electric bracelet, wins his big video slot tournament. At the end of the credits the viewer can see that in lieu of getting the prize money the winner just got to keep the bracelet. One of the funniest parts of the film occurs when after Sam wins the video slot tournament the reels start to spin and then a troll appears on one of the reels. The troll then says something to the effect of “You just won another Video Slot Tournament”. Of course if you haven’t seen the internet movie “Troll” then you aren’t going to know what a troll is.

One interesting thing about electric slot games is that the bonus video slot machines give out bonuses that can equal up to 200% of your initial investment. There is an amazing number of Bonus Features to choose from. These Bonus Features can make the game much more fun and exciting. If you really want to win at video slot games then you need to learn all about these Bonus Features.