Fat cat

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If you have ever heard of a “fat cat” before then chances are you will know what the term referred to when you hear it for the first time. The term “fat” is used to describe a slot machine that offers payouts in multiples of a dime, rather than being worth one cent. Although it might not seem like much, every time you hit a jackpot there is usually a fair amount of bling to be won. And if you can get lucky enough to hit a slot that pays out more than your regular sized reel, then you’ve got yourself a fat, slot machine!

The earliest symbols that could be associated with this game were not very distinguishable at all. At first, the symbols simply consisted of dollar signs. As time went by, the symbols changed to a more pleasing appearance. Today, you can find both dollar signs and eagles, along with many other commonly used symbols. In fact, the symbols that you will see onscreen are very closely related to the logos of some popular companies such as McDonalds, Jiffy Lube, and KFC. It appears that the manufacturers of the Fat Cat took notice of the popularity of these kinds of symbols and decided to implement them into their particular slot machine.

What exactly does the Fat Cat actually do? It is strictly a luck game, although there are some aspects of the mechanics of the machine which could be turned into gambling. On each reels spin, you have the opportunity to win a single coin or up to two additional ones. The reels spin in specific patterns, whereby each symbol will come up either once or twice, depending on which symbols are onscreen. If any of the symbols onscreen happens to be the winning symbol, the game will end and you will receive your money.