The rift

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Are you a fan of the popular The Rift?, If you are, you’ll love all the exciting new content (and old content come back), the great graphics, the intuitive interface, and everything else that the amazing game has to offer. Unfortunately, there are some things that are just not going to work very well. Like any online casino game, this one has a random number generator. If you want to make sure that you get the best experience possible when playing the game, you need to know about these “cheats” for the random number generator.

The first thing that you need to look for are: the six free wild slots in Rift that you can play before you start gambling for coins… the Rift wild slots are called the Windmill Wild slots. The second thing that you should be looking for is a “sticky” icon over the slot’s name. This icon will indicate which of the six slots it’s currently placed in so that you know which wild to play next without having to randomly wander around the casino. The third thing that you want to watch for is a “magnet” icon over the slot name… again, this will allow you to find out which slot is available without taking your eyes off the others.

The fourth type of cheat for The Rift is the ability to turn on the “auto-generated random number generator” that the game uses. Just like the Windmill Wild slots, the Rift version has a slot called the Re-spawn Wild symbol that gets randomly generated every time you take a turn. While you’re able to take more turns, these are the easiest you can get with the random number generator and will help you level up faster if you’ve got some time to kill. The last type of cheat for The Rift that you need to know about is the ability to use the same symbol or slot over again. The best way to use this is to memorize both symbols or slots in the game (you’ll need to do this to know which one you’re using for the wild slots) and then save them to separate slots so that you can use them over again on any Rift game.