How to Stay Safe at Online Casinos

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So you have laid your eyes on a nifty online casinos bonus offer, and are itching to sign up. But is the casino safe? Safety is one of those issues that many gamblers seem a little wary of since it’s their money and their personal information on the line.

Losing money from betting is one thing, but when your bankroll is wiped clean unknowingly, it could put you off gambling online forever.

It is for this very reason that when gambling online, you should be careful which casinos to sign up to, and most importantly, to do so responsibly.

Top Tips On How To Stay Safe Online Casinos


Most licensed and regulated casinos use the latest SSL encryption technology as a form of protection. Any registered player who has an account and a password inputs his details on an encrypted system which is stored on a secure database.

The same concept applies when you are making deposits and submitting payment information.

The Importance of Licensing

Before going all crazy and signing up to any ol’ casino, you should do your research. Casinos should be responsible, but so should you.

Casinos that are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission means that they must adhere to a strict set of rules and standards when it comes to the handling of personal information.


Casinos have an anti-fraud department in place that looks into any irregular activity when it comes to gambling as well as financial information. If the casino sniffs that your account has been compromised, or that there is more activity than usual, they might shut your account down for verification.

Banking Methods

When it comes to safety online, banking methods also play an essential role. If you can avoid using conventional methods, such as Visa and Mastercard for online gambling, it would add that extra layer of protection.

When you use e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller, you are depositing on a third party site, and thus, you are not sharing any of your financial information with the casino. These payment methods are fully licensed and have years of experience under their belt. Your money is safe here.  Some online casinos already allow a VPN connection, so they wouldn’t object to e-wallets.


A trustworthy and reliable online casino will always ask for proof of identity when making deposits or requesting withdrawals. They do this to deter fraudsters. You’ll be asked to send pictures of the front and back of your Identity Card and a utility bill as proof of address.

Although the verification process can take a couple of days, it is in place for your own safety.

How to Play Safely Online


Just like making sure you have a bankroll management and a betting strategy in place, safe gambling is also of importance.

This is how you can protect yourself when gambling online:

  • Keeping your Information Safe: Keep your password and details as private as possible. Don’t share them with anyone else. If possible, don’t use your name and surname as a Username, so you have that extra layer of anonymity.
  • Play at Reliable Casinos Online: Just because a casino has a humongous welcome offer on display, it doesn’t mean it is a safe casino. Only play at licensed and recommended casinos.
  • Block Yourself: Have a firewall and any anti-virus software installed to protect yourself against any viruses or trojans.